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Navigating Puerto Rico’s Business Landscape

Discover a range of tools designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with Puerto Rico’s business landscape. Explore each for successful investing, connections, business endeavors, and profound insights into Puerto Rico’s dynamic business environment.


The destination for deal-making and investment exposure in Puerto Rico, Impeller is a platform that facilitates connections between investors and on-island issuers.

Service Providers Directory

An online platform that facilitates connections between service providers on the island with companies looking to establish or expand operations in Puerto Rico. The companies listed in the directory represent a wide range of support services, including accounting, advertising, construction, insurance, IT, legal, real estate, recruitment, renewable energy, among others.


Panoramica centralizes crucial data insights, provides customizable dashboards, and enhances search functionalities. Designed as the go-to resource, this tool caters to startups, investors, economic developers, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions looking for insights and collaboration opportunities in Puerto Rico’s thriving startup ecosystem. Create a profile on Panoramica and participate in our dynamic community.

Real Estate Platform

Our real estate site selection tool, powered by Red Atlas, offers a curated list of premier industrial and commercial sites and buildings across the Island. This comprehensive mapping tool streamlines site selectors’ efforts, allowing for efficient pre-visit planning. It also serves as a platform for local real estate owners, asset managers, sales professionals, and listing agents to gain increased visibility for their properties.

Workforce Dashboard

The Puerto Rico Workforce Dashboard provides clients with current talent availability and salary information, aiding in their decision-making process. This is an information-rich platform offers timely, searchable, and relevant data to companies and investors interested in Puerto Rico’s promising business landscape.

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