Turning Waste into Wealth: Driving Innovation in Puerto Rico’s Circular Economy

Business Climate

An Ever-Growing Legacy of Business Excellence

Puerto Rico’s future is here today. The island accounts for a 60+ year legacy of excellence in bioscience and offers a wealth of opportunities in diversified sectors from technology, financial & professional services to entrepreneurship.

of the economy is driven by manufacturing
economy in the Caribbean by GDP ($101B)
of the GDP stems from finance, insurance, real estate, and professional services

A Familiar Playing Field

As a U.S. jurisdiction, Puerto Rico offers the same level of operational security, stability, and protections you’d expect from the United States, so you can invest with confidence.

  • The U.S. Dollar is the official currency
  • U.S. federal law, and all the framework and protections that go with it, apply in Puerto Rico; including intellectual property and patent protection
  • U.S. banking laws and regulations apply, including the credibility and protections by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Also, the island is a different tax jurisdiction for IRS purposes.
  • Manufactured goods can be labeled as “Made in USA”

Key Sectors

Biosciences ❯

Puerto Rico has been a global powerhouse in bioscience for over 60 years, supported by an expanded cargo transfer flexibility that creates unique investment opportunities

Technology & ICT ❯

A highly skilled workforce, strong tech infrastructure (including an emerging 5G enabled IoT network), and a robust start-up and entrepreneurial community make this a thriving sector in the economy

Professional Services ❯

With everything from financial planning and call centers to back office support, Puerto Rico offers service providers an endless opportunity to succeed and grow

Finance & Insurance ❯

The island’s unique legal position makes it the perfect place to tap into international financial, banking, and insurance markets while benefiting from U.S. financial regulations

Creative Industries ❯

The vibrant creative industries economy is quickly expanding beyond music to include film, media, web, and software design

Adv. Manufacturing & Aerospace ❯

Advanced manufacturing and aerospace companies are attracted by a talented workforce, well-established ecosystem, and competitive real estate costs

Ag, Food & Beverage ❯

A new generation of farmershave launched farm-to-table restaurants, developed artisanal food products, and embraced sustainable farming techniques. This sector’s thirst for innovation represents unique investment opportunities

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