Supporting Organizations

Partnerships That Build Strength

Puerto Rico offers support services for businesses and individuals looking to invest in and grow their businesses on the island. A variety of industry associations, support companies, entrepreneurs, and a robust network of government offices, nonprofits, community groups, research centers, and universities are also available to assist. Invest Puerto Rico can help connect you with key organizations that can facilitate your journey as you learn more about getting established on the island.


Public Sector Collaboration

The Government of Puerto Rico devotes a significant amount of resources toward supporting the business community. The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) provides a variety of important tools and programs to support companies and bolster ease of doing business on the island, including the Incentives Portal that simplifies the application process for incentives and permits; the federal Opportunity Zones (OZs) program which provides preferential tax treatment for investments in low-income, distressed communities; the Workforce Development Program which includes aids and incentives to train and employ workforce; and other initiatives such as the Federal Contracting Center (FeCC).

Other government resources you may find useful include: 

Industry-Based Support

Puerto Rico’s diverse economy and dynamic business community collaborate in a productive way that fosters growth. Connecting with like-minded business people can provide you with valuable local insights.

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