About InvestPR

Our Mission

InvestPR works to elevate Puerto Rico as a world-class business destination. The organization is a public-private partnership created by law and incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. It is governed by a dynamic team, including an eleven-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico and comprised of three public sector representatives and eight private sector representatives.

Our mission is to promote Puerto Rico as a competitive investment jurisdiction to attract new business and capital investment to the island. Our vision is to be a transformational and results-oriented accelerator of economic development in Puerto Rico.

InvestPR works with diverse stakeholders to position Puerto Rico as a destination for investment. To this effect, we collaborate with Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce, government agencies, trade organizations, industry partners, and academia, among others. We help companies get established on the island by assisting them to navigate incentives, connecting them to resources for real estate selection and access to talent, and providing introductions to key stakeholders like sector experts and industry associations.

Our Strategy

InvestPR’s work is driven by a comprehensive promotion plan to:

  • Guide investment promotion activities towards sectors and geographies aligned with Puerto Rico’s economic growth goals of sustained investment and quality job creation
  • Ensure that established industries are supported so the island does not lose its base as it seeks new opportunities
  • Monitor future disruptors that can potentially alter market stability

Our strategy focuses on attracting business and investment in the knowledge service economy such as technology, professional services and finance and insurance sectors, while continuing to strengthen the bioscience sector which is already well established.


Since officially beginning operations in early 2019, Invest Puerto Rico has diligently focused on securing the results needed to reposition the island, attract jobs, bolster investment, and solidify the longevity and sustainability of InvestPR and its mission. In collaboration with partners, InvestPR has published several reports detailing promising results, including over 6,000 business leads for the island, 2,000 prospective opportunities, the establishment of over 700 new businesses, commitments by companies of nearly 5,000 jobs, and over $350M in capital investment, among others.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

InvestPR abides by principles of transparency and accountability to ensure that the organization adheres to its mission, is accountable for its programs and finances, and complies with all applicable laws and ethical standards.  

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