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Moving to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico beckons industry game-changers with its attractive business environment and exceptional quality of life. Whether you are interested in working remotely in Puerto Rico, starting a new endeavor here, or collaborating with a local business, Invest Puerto Rico is your reliable ally in ensuring a smooth transition into this thriving ecosystem. 


If you are considering a visit, Discover Puerto Rico can help you plan your stay and offers guidance on traveling, health, safety and transportation.


Making Puerto Rico Your Home Base

For individuals and businesses interested in relocating to Puerto Rico, here’s good news:

  • If you’re coming from the United States mainland, you don’t need a work or travel visa
  • If your income comes from a company in Puerto Rico, you don’t pay federal income taxes on local earnings
  • If you become a bona fide resident, you can apply for an incentive to pay 0% taxes on capital gains

Even Puerto Ricans in the diaspora want to relocate to the island to enjoy the harmony of business opportunity and pleasure. Learn about how the nonprofit ConPRmetidos’ program El Comeback is making the return to Puerto Rico more viable than ever, while empowering businesses on the island with top-tier talent.

Co-Working & Remote Work in Puerto Rico

Workers in Puerto Rico benefit from a high quality of life, strong community networks, robust ICT infrastructure and shared workspaces. Whether a consultant or a contractor, remote workers are also eligible for export services tax incentives through the Incentives Code of Puerto Rico (Act 60).

Explore Real Estate

From greenfield sites and warehouse facilities to Class A offices and co-working spaces, InvestPR’s team will help you find real estate that suits your situation.

Relocation Guide

Invest Puerto Rico works with several organizations, including the firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), to provide valuable resources, like a relocation guide, to help you make the move in the most feasible manner possible. 

Ready to Invest?

Collaborate with entrepreneurs and innovators and transform your business in Puerto Rico.