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Puerto Rico: A Leading Bioscience Hub for Over 65 Years

Earning the reputation of being the “Medicine Cabinet of the USA”, Puerto Rico is a powerhouse in the biosciences sector, offering a legacy of excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, agricultural biotechnology and research and development (R&D). The island’s strategic location, skilled workforce and favorable tax incentives have attracted major players like Abbvie, Bayer and Thermo Scientific. Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative ecosystem between industry, academia and government coupled with a robust infrastructure and specialized capabilities in cold chain management make Puerto Rico an ideal logistics hub for bioscience products destined for global markets.

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The Building Blocks of Success: Bioscience Sub-Sectors

Pharmaceutical Medical Device Research & Development Logistics Agricultural Biotechnology
  • The pharmaceutical sector in Puerto Rico is a cornerstone of the island’s economy, providing high-quality medications to global markets and creating skilled employment opportunities.
  • Puerto Rico is a recognized leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing, making it a key player in the biotech pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries.
  • Support networks are available for every stage of the pharmaceutical business, from planning and designing to construction and plant management.
Medical Device
  • The medical devices industry in Puerto Rico plays a vital role in advancing healthcare worldwide, producing cutting-edge devices that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • Companies like Boston Scientific produce medical manufacturing equipment that is at the forefront of medical technology.
  • Puerto Rico is innovating in areas such as wearable technology, remote monitoring devices and minimally invasive surgical tools, enhancing healthcare delivery and patient care.
Research and Development
  • Public and private universities focus on engineering, biomedical sciences and best business practices.
  • Puerto Rico’s research and development sector is currently focusing on areas such as biotechnology, genomics and regenerative medicine, leveraging interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge.
  • The island is also home to cell and gene therapy companies, which are pioneering new treatments and therapies.
  • The logistics sector in Puerto Rico plays a critical role in facilitating the efficient movement of bioscience products and materials, supporting the island’s bioscience industries, international trade and supply chain operations.
  • Puerto Rico is adopting advanced supply chain technologies such as AI-driven predictive analytics, blockchain-based traceability platforms and temperature-controlled transportation solutions to optimize the storage, handling and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, research materials and agricultural biotech products, ensuring product integrity and regulatory compliance.
Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Ten ag-bio stations and a year-round farming cycle offer excellent research and growing conditions.
  • Puerto Rico is a leader among agriculture biotech companies, using genetic engineering, precision agriculture techniques and bioinformatics to develop crops with enhanced nutritional value, disease resistance and environmental adaptation.
  • The island is also an ideal location for ag biotech companies looking to improve crop productivity, sustainability and resilience.

Companies Already Doing Business in Puerto Rico

Bioscience Landscape

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Bioscience Legacy

  • Historical Foundation: Since the mid-20th century, companies like Sterling Drugs and Baxter Laboratories have established Puerto Rico as a key hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing, leveraging its strategic location and skilled workforce.
  • Sector Composition: The bioscience sector includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agricultural biotechnology and R&D, supported by advanced manufacturing facilities and research institutions.
  • Academic Contributions: Puerto Rican universities and research institutions excel in biotechnology, genomics and biomedical sciences, driving innovation and global collaboration.

Innovation in the Sector


  • Bioscience Landing Pads: Puerto Rico offers physical and virtual spaces for international bioscience companies and startups to establish a presence, providing resources and support services to facilitate market entry and collaboration. Read more about these landing pads: OcyonBio, Molecular Science Research Center
  • CMOs and CROs: The island hosts numerous contract manufacturing and research organizations, supporting the global bioscience industry with efficient and cost-effective services. Notable companies include: Abbvie, Avara, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GK, Neolpharma, Thermo Scientific, PuraCap Caribe, Viant.
  • Clinical Research Innovation: Local CROs are enhancing clinical trial efficiency through digital health technologies, remote monitoring and patient engagement platforms.
Logistics in Puerto Rico

Bioscience Logistics

  • Strategic Location: Puerto Rico’s Caribbean location and efficient shipping routes make it an ideal logistics hub for North America, Europe and Latin America. The island adheres to stringent regulatory standards set by agencies like the FDA, ensuring compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and other regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated Supply Chain: The island has a well-established and integrated supply chain infrastructure supporting the movement of raw materials, components and finished products. This includes ports, airports, transportation networks and distribution centers.

  • Global Trade Reach: Puerto Rico has direct trade relations with 65 destinations and access to over 140 countries via indirect cargo flights.
  • Air Cargo Community: The new Puerto Rico Life Sciences Air Cargo Community, supported by InvestPR and the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC), brings together key stakeholders in the air cargo industry. This includes airlines, airports, forwarders, integrators, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, ground handlers and haulers. Their primary goal is to facilitate the certification process for companies seeking the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification. This certification ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, enhancing the credibility and reliability of air cargo services in Puerto Rico.

  • Cold Chain Management: Puerto Rico has specialized capabilities in cold chain management, ensuring the proper storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive bioscience products.

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