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Bilingual Professionals Give Businesses a Global Reach

Puerto Rico’s diverse economy, talented workforce, and global reach make it a top jurisdiction for professional services. From specialized technical consultants to financial planners, call centers operators, and back-office support, Puerto Rico can help businesses meet the growing demand for qualified bilingual professionals.

engineering and technical services jobs in Puerto Rico
in net export services in 2020
annual employee turnover at call centers in Puerto Rico (compared with 30% nationally)

Professionals and Services to Support Growth

Puerto Rico’s professional services can be divided into consulting and business support categories.


  • Engineering and technical consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Market research
  • Media and advertising 
  • Translation and interpretation


  • Accounting
  • Billing and payroll services
  • Call centers 
  • Credit bureaus
  • Financial planning
  • Human resources 
  • Legal services
  • Tax support

Engineering and Technical Consulting

The high concentration of technical skills in Puerto Rico’s workforce supports advanced manufacturing, R&D, and logistics for myriad industries. Local engineering consultants and technical service providers help companies improve commercial/industrial processes and comply with regulations. Locally available services include:

  • Automation and process improvement
  • Design and architecture
  • Equipment testing and calibration
  • IT services
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Scientific research and development

Call Centers

State-of-the-art telecom infrastructure and U.S. legal and IP protections make Puerto Rico the ideal destination for customer service operations, supporting companies with specialized technical solutions. The island’s bilingual workforce easily connects with customers in the U.S. and Latin America.

Puerto Rico is also home to call centers that help companies provide specialized technical solutions. For instance, Hewlett Packard’s Authorized Service Center supports its operations by providing highly qualified local engineers and support staff to deliver product-specific customer service and troubleshooting via chat, email, and telephone assistance.

Financial Planning

Puerto Rico has thousands of qualified finance professionals with experience in local, national, and international banking and insurance regulations. The profession benefits from competitive incentives that reduce the costs of business. Local professionals offer an array of financial planning and tax services, such as:

  • Wealth and investment management
  • Corporate financial planning
  • Accounting services
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Corporate and executive benefits
  • Estate planning

Back Office Operations

Puerto Rico is the destination of choice for companies looking to lower costs and restructure their operations. The island’s talented, bilingual workforce provides skills and experience in a variety of roles that support:

  • Legal teams
  • Human resources
  • Customer service
  • IT departments
  • Billing and payroll services
  • Medical billing
  • Telemedicine
  • Insurance claims

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