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100% tax exemption 4.0% corporate tax rate 0.0% tax rate on capital gains, dividends and interests

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Tap into a highly qualified bilingual professional workforce that is educated, trained and adhere to U.S. standards, for less.

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Puerto Rico Is Open for Business

Puerto Rico is already home to companies from around the world that are maximizing their growth opportunities by venturing into the diverse industries and trusting the skilled workforce to drive the Island into a new economy. Meet some of these success stories.

The Case for Puerto Rico's Advantages

United States legal framework and highly skilled workforce are two of the main components of Puerto Rico’s business proposition. Add to that a package of attractive incentives specifically tailored for financial activities and you’ll know why bringing your business to Puerto Rico is the smartest move.

Big Business Thrives in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has enabled the growth of a new industry cluster and become an aerospace engineering and MRO services powerhouse. Several high profile companies recognize the compelling value proposition that Puerto Rico represents.

Puerto Rico: An undervalued treasure

The island combines the best of the United States’ pro-business environment and familiarity with the flair and vibrancy of a beautiful “foreign” culture. These are just a few of the many attributes that continue to spark the interest of visionary business leaders and investors from all over the world.

Single Business Portal

The Single Business Portal is the gateway your new venture in Puerto Rico. It is a one-stop-shop for information, documents, permits, and licenses - all in a streamlined and efficient tool.

The Perfect Site

The Puerto Rico Site Selection Map is an innovative tool that helps you find the ideal site, lot, building or structure for your Puerto Rico venture.

New & Noteworthy

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InvestPR’s new CEO to ‘deepen relationships with local private sector partners’

The Board of Directors of Invest Puerto Rico (InvestPR) has appointed Rodrick T. Miller as CEO to lead the nonprofit entity’s mission to attract new businesses and investment capital to the island.


Former DEGC head to lead Puerto Rico business attraction, investment

Rodrick Miller has been named the CEO of Invest Puerto Rico to lead the island's business attraction and investment efforts.


Puerto Rico investment-promotion entity appoints new CEO

Invest Puerto Rico’s board announced Thursday the appointment of Rodrick T. Miller as its CEO, to lead the entity’s mission in attracting new business and investment capital to the island.


Invest Puerto Rico appoints top-class CEO to attract new investment to the island

Atop new Chief Executive Officer’s immediate priorities will be to deepen InvestPR’s relationships with its local private sector partners

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