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Doing Business in Puerto Rico Just Got SIMPLER

Use the Single Business Portal to streamline required processes and procedures, including permits, licenses, approvals, certifications, and more.

Human Capital Committed to Your SUCCESS

Tap into a highly qualified, bilingual, professional workforce that is educated, trained, and adheres to U.S. standards.

Take Advantage of Unique Benefits and INCENTIVES

100% tax exemption, 4.0% corporate tax rate, 0.0% tax rate on capital gains, dividends, and interest.

Puerto Rico is Open for BUSINESS

Discover a U.S. jurisdiction with a truly enchanting business environment, tailored to meet your investment objectives. Come experience life and work on an island paradise like no other.

Your Caribbean HQ

The Stage is Set


Computer user setting up a new venture in Puerto Rico using the Single Business Portal

Single Business Portal

The Single Business Portal is the gateway to your new venture in Puerto Rico. It is a one-stop shop for information, documents, permits, and licenses - all in a streamlined and efficient tool.

The Perfect Site

The Puerto Rico Site Selection Map is an innovative tool that helps you find the ideal site, lot, building, or structure for your Puerto Rico venture.
Finding the ideal site, lot, building, or structure for a business venture

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