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Navigating Puerto Rico’s Sea of Talent

Empowering Talent: Workforce Compass Program

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, positioning yourself ahead means not just knowing what’s next, but also where to find the human capital that drives innovation forward. Workforce Compass serves as your guide through Puerto Rico’s rich talent pool.

Unlock Puerto Rico’s People Power

  • Designed to streamline the journey of discovering, recruiting, and nurturing the skilled workforce your company needs to thrive, Workforce Compass illuminates the path to growth and success on the island.
  • Let Workforce Compass be your beacon to the brightest talent in the technology and innovation sectors, ensuring your venture in Puerto Rico is not just a decision for today but a strategic advantage for decades to come.

Tools of the Trade

Whether you’re looking to understand the local labor market dynamics, connect with upcoming talent through university job fairs, or delve into the academic offerings of Puerto Rican institutions, the following curated resources will help you discover the skilled professionals your business needs to thrive.

Workforce Compass Resource Database

A dynamic, searchable database offering quick access to a wealth of workforce-related resources tailored for employers.

Higher Education & Technical Colleges

Access a comprehensive directory of universities, technical institutes, and colleges offering diverse programs and specialized training.

Short-Form Training Providers

Explore a concise list of institutions offering focused training programs to enhance specific skills and expertise.

Recruiting Resources

Access a range of partners, tools, and platforms to streamline your recruiting process.

Industry Associations

Explore a comprehensive collection of industry associations offering valuable insights and resources.


Find contact information for various local offices responsible for administering Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds.

Other Resources

  • A deep dive into Puerto Rico’s academic and talent competencies, including insights into the local labor force’s technical skills, bilingual capabilities, and competitive wage rates. This playbook also explores the rich educational landscape, highlighting the specialties of Puerto Rican universities and colleges, alongside detailed occupational and wage statistics.

    Download Playbook

  • WIOA is a federally funded program that provides a variety of workforce development activities to help job applicants, dislocated workers, and youth in and out of school access new employment opportunities, education, training, and support services to be successful in the job market. In addition to matching employers with qualified job candidates, it can also provide funding for employers to train incumbent workers as a means of job retention, prevention of layoffs, and skill upgrading.

    Download Navigation Guide

  • An interactive dashboard presenting the latest labor force statistics, offering insights into employment trends, wage data, and occupational forecasts.

    Puerto Rico Labor Force Statistic Dashboard

  • A comprehensive overview of the academic programs and majors available across Puerto Rico’s higher education institutions, designed to align your recruitment strategies with the island’s educational output.

    Statistical Compendium 2021-2022

    Statistical Compendium 2020-2021

Let’s Empower Your Success in Puerto Rico

Invest Puerto Rico is your partner in navigating the island’s vibrant economic landscape, understanding that the backbone of any successful venture lies in its people. Workforce Compass epitomizes our promise to not only guide you to the right resources but to ensure you thrive through the rich tapestry of talent Puerto Rico has to offer; our goal is to streamline your path to building a resilient and skilled team.

We’re Here to Help

Contact an InvestPR Program Manager today and let us illuminate the way to harness Puerto Rico’s most valuable asset – our workforce. Together, we can unlock the potential of your venture in this land of opportunity.

Stephanie Cabret

Program Manager, Workforce Compass