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Puerto Rico’s aerospace industry, fueled by a legacy in advanced manufacturing, stands at the forefront of innovation and economic progress. With a skilled workforce, superior infrastructure, and attractive tax incentives, the sector is a magnet for major investments from global aerospace leaders and aerospace engineering companies.

rate of compliance in the defense segment, Puerto Rico’s aerospace sector is ready for the global stage, showcasing excellence in aerospace engineering manufacturing.
length, in feet, of Aguadilla Airport’s runway, the longest in the Caribbean, facilitating extensive aerospace operations, including aeronautical space engineering.
in annual revenues as of December 2022, indicating robust sector growth, propelled by advancements in aerospace manufacturing engineering technology.

A Launchpad for Aerospace Success

Puerto Rico offers a conducive environment for aerospace companies, marked by:

  • Advanced Facilities: The Rafael Hernández-Aguadilla Airport and the Aerospace Corridor provide world-class infrastructure for aerospace engineering companies.
  • Innovation and R&D: Home to the Aeronautical & Aerospace Institute and various research centers, Puerto Rico is a hub for aerospace research and development, fostering technology in the aerospace industry.
  • Expert Workforce: Access to a pool of skilled engineers and technical experts in aerospace manufacturing engineering technology, complemented by strong back-office support from educated, bilingual professionals.
  • Cost Efficiency: Competitive real estate costs, including low-cost Class A office space compared to U.S. mainland cities, attractive for aerospace engineering manufacturing businesses.

In Good Company

Be part of a distinguished community of global aerospace leaders who have already chosen Puerto Rico as their strategic business location for aerospace engineering and manufacturing.

Getting FAA approval would also have been more complicated outside of the United States.

Patric Foley
CEO of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

Nurturing Talent and Innovation

Join a thriving network of innovation and excellence, where leading research centers and institutions are driving technological advancements in aerospace engineering and shaping the industry’s future with cutting-edge aerospace manufacturing engineering technology:

Incentivizing Growth

The sector benefits from these tax incentives:

  • A fixed 4% income tax on qualifying income
  • Complete exemption on capital gains and dividends
  • Significant property and municipal tax exemptions
  • Up to 50% tax credit on R&D expenditures

And other benefits.

Collaboration and Growth

The sector is supported by a network of professionals and organizations, enhancing collaboration, and fostering growth in aerospace engineering manufacturing, including:

Puerto Rico’s aerospace sector is soaring beyond what’s next, propelled by a unique blend of talent, innovation, and strategic location, into a future where the sky’s the limit.

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