Creative Industries In Puerto Rico

Igniting the Creative Spark

Music Is the Heartbeat of Creativity

For decades, Puerto Rican artists have helped shape the modern musical landscape in jazz, country, pop, and urban music. Creative professionals are also making their mark, accelerating the island’s vibrant creative industries economy in film, media, web, and software design.

share of most-viewed music videos on YouTube in 2019, by Puerto Rican artists
people that make up the creative industry workforce
number of movies filmed on the island between 2016 and 2019

How Do You Fit In?

More than 1,590 companies in Puerto Rico are directly involved in creative industries. Subsectors with the most jobs include – 

  • Information Technology: 2,641 
  • Advertising and Public Relations: 2,623
  • Publishing and Editing: 2,408
  • Manufacturing: 1,853
  • Movie and Video Production: 1,768

What Is Inside Puerto Rico’s Creative Industries?

Design, Graphic, Fashion Music, Performing, & Visual Arts Advertising & Marketing Crafts Film, TV, Radio, Photography Software Development & IT Services Publishing

The Advantages of Producing In Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Incentives Code (Act 60) provides generous support for creative industries. Eligible activities include:

  • Film projects: documentaries, short films, and series 
  • TV projects: reality shows, game shows, children’s shows, interviews, comedy, and general entertainment
  • Film projects for commercial distribution or exhibition outside of Puerto Rico
  • Video games, music videos, and film festivals

Tax credits for film productions include:

  • Up to 40% for production expenses paid to Puerto Rico residents
  • Up to 20% for production expenses, related to payments to non-resident workers
  • Up to 15% of production expenses paid to Puerto Rico residents (with a $4.0 million maximum) for co-productions with local producers

Why Film In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico’s provides proximity to the mainland United States, film industry tax incentives, a diverse landscape, and versatile locations. The list of advantages on set and backstage keeps growing:

  • Skilled and experienced bilingual and bicultural crews
  • Proven track record for delivering on schedule and on budget
  • Diversity and proximity of locations
  • Ethnically diverse population
  • Equipment and crew available to supply several productions simultaneously
  • Soundstages (TV) and warehouses for building and filming on sets
  • Post-production, animation, and sound recording facilities
  • Availability of government locations at no cost

Source: The Sifre Group, LLC

Local Connections

Puerto Rico’s Creative Industries sector is supported by a variety of local and federal organizations.

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