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Engineering Talent and Skilled Workers Attract Companies

Puerto Rico’s legacy in the manufacturing industry, coupled with a highly skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, and competitive tax incentives, continue to attract multi-million-dollar investments, including the likes of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico, Honeywell Aerospace, and Pratt & Whitney Puerto Rico.

Aguadilla Airport has the longest runway in the Caribbean
rate of compliance with defense segment criteria of the aerospace sector
length, in feet, of Aguadilla Airport’s runway, the longest in the Caribbean

Build On the Advantages In the Aerospace Industry

Advanced manufacturing and aerospace companies come to Puerto Rico for its talented workforce, established manufacturing environment, competitive real estate costs, and other assets:

  • Act 60 provides generous incentives for manufacturing and export activities
  • Strong back-office support from a large pool of highly educated, bilingual accountants, auditors, compliance officers, and financial analysts
  • Low cost per square foot of Class A office space relative to comparable-size U.S. cities

Where Industries Take Off

The Rafael Hernandez-Aguadilla Airport (BQN) stands out for many reasons:

  • It features the longest runway in the Caribbean, enabling it to receive heavy cargo, passenger, and military aircraft. 
  • It is home to the Aeronautical & Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico, a new airplane hangar, and specialized labs. 
  • The surrounding area is a type of aerospace corridor, with companies such as Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico, Pratt & Whitney Puerto Rico, and Infosys
  • These and other businesses engage in valuable R&D and manufacturing activities, creating a manufacturing ecosystem that draws on local technical education, provides specialized skills and training, and produces high tech goods and services.


“Puerto Rico, and specifically the Aguadilla airport, is the perfect location for an MRO facility. We have customers from North America and Latin America … I am optimistic about the future. Puerto Rico’s strengths, the location, a U.S. jurisdiction, the trained people … With the right leadership and planning, the industry will continue to grow.” — Patrick Foley, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

The Weekly Journal, Sept. 25, 2019

“Getting FAA approval would also have been more complicated outside of the United States.“

Patrick Foley
CEO of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

Local Connections In Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Industries

A large network of professionals, industry associations, educational institutions, and local government offices supports new arrivals to this exciting sector.

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