Infrastructure & Logistics

Gateway To and For the World

For decades, Puerto Rico has been a vibrant, world-class business hub. Today, businesses are attracted by new infrastructure and sophisticated logistics capabilities. 

A New Perspective In Energy

Puerto Rico’s energy sector is a playground for innovation and entrepreneurship. Energy solutions range from utility scale projects to residential rooftop solar & storage, as well as sourcing from biogas and hydro. Resiliency from these systems ensure that business processes stay online during uncertain times and reduce costs of electricity across the board.

Companies and agencies around the island are committed to pushing Puerto Rico’s energy transition forward and the results are creating enhanced opportunities for economic growth.

The Backbone of Business: Information and Communications Technology

Puerto Rico’s information and communications technology (ICT) network is mature. From 0G to 5G, the island’s reliable, high-capacity global networks serve businesses in high-tech industries such pharmaceutical, medical device, and aerospace engineering.

A New Kind of Logistics Hub

In 2020, Puerto Rico became the first and only location in the U.S. to receive a waiver for an international cargo and passenger transfer hub. This positions the island to leverage its logistics expertise, establish new international travel and commercial routes, and help companies cut costs, reduce shipping times, and ensure top quality handling of any product.

Foreign Trade Zones: A Recipe for Success

As an international commercial waypoint, Puerto Rico’s geographic location enables the island’s role as a global logistics leader.  Our Foreign Trade Zones are key to the island’s leadership in this area, a pillar of InvestPR’s mission to further investment in and economic development of the island.

The benefits of operating under the FTZ program in Puerto Rico are unique: 

  • Deferred U.S. duty payment
  • Deferred Puerto Rico excise tax payments
  • No duties on returned foreign origin products
  • On spare parts, no duty payment until used
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