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Powered by Invest Puerto Rico, Impeller is a customized online destination for deal-making and investment exposure. A valuable tool, Impeller is a platform that facilitates connections between investors and on-island issuers. Investors and local businesses can connect, raise capital, and identify opportunities that contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic growth.

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InvestPR continues to make significant progress in its mission to attract capital investment to Puerto Rico. If you are an issuer or investor looking to set up your free account on Impeller, click the button below to visit the platform.

How Impeller Works

Impeller allows retail and institutional investors to view diverse investment opportunities on-island easily. After creating a free account on the platform, a search through the categories—ranging from healthcare & tech to clean energy, visitor economies and commercial real estate—reveals the broad spectrum of opportunity in Puerto Rico. Impeller’s intuitive interface provides a wealth of information about deals that investors need to know to make informed investment decisions. Click INVESTOR TUTORIAL below to see how Impeller works.

Issuers who create a free account on Impeller can easily upload their offerings. Subsequent to review and approval, offers can be listed after a nominal listing fee is made in the form of a donation to Invest Puerto Rico, a registered 501(c)3 and 1101.01 not-for-profit. Deals listed on Impeller are more likely to garner greater exposure to potential investors looking to deploy capital in Puerto Rico. Click ISSUER TUTORIAL below to see how Impeller works.



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