Real Estate Platform

A Comprehensive Mapping Tool to Assist Site Selectors in Optimizing their Efforts

Developed in partnership with RED Atlas, the Real Estate Platform is a comprehensive digital catalog of industrial properties across Puerto Rico. This tool features exclusive listings and detailed property information, giving site selectors accurate, up-to-date data essential for evaluating potential investments on the Island.

Essential Data & Insights Into Puerto Rico’s Real Estate

RED Atlas leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a user-generated data collection process to provide precise and reliable site information. This approach ensures that the data shared comes from dependable sources, offering accuracy and reliability in site information.

Optimize Your Site Selection

RED Atlas was one of the first success stories to come from Invest Puerto Rico’s Investor Platform (Impeller), a tool that facilitates connections between investors and on-island issuers.

Optimize Your Site Selection

Get exclusive listings and detailed insights to streamline the search for your business’ new home.