Panoramica Innovation Platform

Data-Powered Innovation

Panoramica is your window into Puerto Rico’s vibrant innovation landscape. Developed in partnership with Invest Puerto Rico, Colmena 66, Parallel18 and the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, it’s your exclusive gateway into Puerto Rico’s thriving startup scene.

Insights for Growth

Navigate the challenges of limited funding access, market understanding and visibility with confidence. Panoramica serves as your central hub for data-driven decision-making, boosting Puerto Rico’s startup ecosystem and attracting innovation and investment to our region.

Fostering Community Collaboration

Collaboration fuels innovation. We empower startups to take charge by claiming and updating their profiles. Leveraging advanced AI technology, we provide real-time data and unparalleled insights into Puerto Rico’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Our powerful matching tool simplifies networking for startups seeking investors and vice versa. Explore dedicated sections for investors, accelerators, government initiatives, service providers and more.

Claim Your Profile

Ready to showcase your innovations? Claim and update your profile on Panoramica to become part of our dynamic community.