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Tech Highlight: Puerto Rico as a Bioscience Tech Hub

Bolstered by the federal government’s recent designation of the Puerto Rico BioTech Hub, the island is poised to revolutionized biotechnology and medical device industries, pushing boundaries from discovery to global distribution.

+ On October 23, 2023, President Biden recognized Puerto Rico among the inaugural 31 national Tech Hubs.

+ This designation underpins our regional blueprint to ignite the tech sector and secure a position at the forefront of global innovation within a decade.

+ With the Tech Hubs Program’s direct investment, Puerto Rico is set to morph into a world-class innovation nexus, driving high-quality job creation and fortifying America’s workforce.



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Future-proof Infrastructure

With billions in federal funds destined for infrastructure enhancement, our ecosystem is about to get better and more robust than ever.

+ An influx of federal funding is transforming our infrastructure, setting the stage for a tech ecosystem that’s not just better, but future-ready.

+ The Department of Economic Development and Commerce’s $50 million initiative is crafting the “21st Century Techforce,” aiming to hone 50,000 skilled professionals in the next decade.

+ Connectivity is king, with 31 internet providers and three 5G networks ensuring you’re wired for success.

+ We’re pioneering digital assets and blockchain innovation, laying the groundwork for a robust, competitive, and advanced technology hub—home to revolutionary Blockchain applications and Web3 technology.

Tax Incentives

A unique package of smart tax incentives lets you reduce operational costs, boost innovation, take greater risks, and grow faster.

+ 4% fixed income tax rate on eligible income

+ 100% tax exemption on capital gains

+ 75% exemption on property tax

+ 75% exemption on municipal construction rate

+ 50% exemption on municipal license tax

+ 15-year standard tax exemption grant period, eligible for renewal

+ Up to 50% tax credit on R&D expenditures

& Lifestyle

Year-round tropical weather & vibrancy: it’s where great talent wants to be.

+ World-class beaches abound

+ Puerto Rico is known for a friendly, welcoming culture

+ Live surrounded by nature and historical landmarks

+ Right in the middle of the Americas, just a short flight away from the mainland U.S.

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