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Investing & Transforming

Whether your plans are to relocate your company or launch a new enterprise, opportunities take many forms in Puerto Rico. Real estate, high tech start-ups, or renewable energy initiatives support entrepreneurs and foment partnerships with myriad entities, including centers of excellence, clinical research, contract manufacturing institutions, or other growing companies.

Invest Puerto Rico helps you leverage the Puerto Rico Incentives Code, commonly known as Act 60 (English version, Spanish version). This is an all-encompassing tool designed to accelerate economic growth through investment, innovation, export, and job creation.


Increasing Capacity Through Investments

At the Forefront of 5G Connectivity

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway in Puerto Rico, primed to support business with state-of-the-art communications infrastructure that takes connectivity to the next level, including 5G and 0G networks. High-speed internet and broadband can be accessed anywhere on the island, and additional enhancements by the FCC and ICT service providers are currently underway.

Real Estate. Real Opportunities.

Puerto Rico offers investments in lease, acquisition, and renovation of existing manufacturing, warehouse, and office space. Companies with unique physical and locational needs can find land for greenfield construction. 

The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Corporation (PRIDCO) portfolio offers properties that need major restoration but have solid foundations and shells that can be retrofitted and leased at well below market rates. Investors can find both speculative and accredited real estate opportunities throughout the island.

Logistics & Transportation That Work for You

The island’s role as an international waypoint was heightened thanks to a recent mandate by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which granted Puerto Rico the first and only waiver that allows the international transfer of passengers and cargo in the island’s three international airports. 

This designation as a transshipment hub provides the island with the perfect opportunity to leverage its logistics expertise and establish new international travel and commercial routes, while helping companies cut costs, reduce shipping times, and ensure top quality handling of any product.

An Investor Platform to Enable Connections

The process of doing business in Puerto Rico and finding investors looking to support local ventures just got easier. InvestPR unveiled Impeller, a platform that provides a growing list of opportunities for issuers and companies that want to access capital within and outside the island. The initiative fulfills our objective of enabling connections that lead to investment and business development.

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