Why Puerto Rico

This Is the Place to Create,
Invest and Grow

Puerto Rico is at the front lines of innovation with established talent and infrastructure supporting industries including the biosciences, advanced manufacturing, energy and financial sectors. With a diverse and talented workforce, tax benefits and incentives, robust infrastructure and more, Puerto Rico has positioned itself as a destination where businesses thrive. Explore the top reasons why and how Puerto Rico enables the success of your entrepreneurial vision.

Tax Benefits & Policy

The Puerto Rico Incentive Code (Act 60) harmonizes business incentives and facilitates accessing 15-year tax decrees for a wide range of eligible activities. These incentives support operating costs, job creation, and growing specialized talent in Puerto Rico. Also, individuals drawing their income from Puerto Rican companies are exempt from federal income taxes.

Organizational Support

The island features a community of collaborators that reaches far beyond conventional places, including:

  • a robust network of workspaces, mentors, accelerators, incubators, and venture capital;
  • accessibility to a tight-knit network of professionals and entrepreneurs, including expats and locals;
  • support of local organizations and educational and research institutions, especially in industries such as biosciences, manufacturing, aerospace, and information technology.

People Power

Puerto Ricans are bicultural and bilingual. They are fluent communicators and can approach the global business community attuned to the subtleties of cultural differences.

The highly educated and skilled workforce is drawn from an academic ecosystem of more than 80 universities and colleges. Each year, more than 50% of university graduates are in the STEM fields. Also, the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez’s engineering program earns top ranks in chemical engineering and for graduating women engineers.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The island’s unique combination of start-up incubators, incentives, shared work spaces, and tropical lifestyle has made it a rising hub for entrepreneurs. An established network of entrepreneur-focused nonprofits fuels start-up collaboration. And a close network of business and community leaders means that Puerto Rico is perfect for introducing new businesses and scaling them up for national, regional, or global markets. 

Location. Location. Location.

Puerto Rico’s strategic location is one of its greatest strengths. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, one can travel directly to important destinations throughout the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. The island also provides access to valuable shipping and air routes to North and South America thanks to three international air transshipment hubs, 11 seaports, and 11 airports.

Quality of Life

  • A unique mix of natural landscape featuring beaches, mountains, rainforests, and canyons
  • Thriving cultural centers provide live music, dancing, street festivals, and extraordinary food
  • Puerto Rico offers diverse cuisine, shopping centers, museums, and golf courses
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