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As Puerto Rico writes a new chapter in its history, Invest Puerto Rico is fostering efforts to drive transformation. Chief among these is the newly created Puerto Rico Incentives Code (aka Act 60), an all-encompassing tool designed to accelerate economic growth through investment, innovation, export, and job creation.

Read on to learn what this means for you, or click here to download a high-level summary of Act 60. Click here to view the Spanish version of Act 60, also referred to as “Código de Incentivos de Puerto Rico,” Ley Núm. 60 de 1 de julio de 2019. The English version of Act 60 will be provided at a later date.


    Act 60 captures most of Puerto Rico’s tax incentive laws under one code, establishing an efficient process for granting and leveraging the benefits in your favor.


    • The Office of Incentives for Businesses in Puerto Rico (OIBPR) is responsible for the administration of all incentive applications under Act 60.
    • A Single Business Portal or “SBP,” was created for interested parties to apply for permits and incentives. Click here to visit the portal.
    • The Island’s Qualified Opportunity Zones program is governed by the provisions of Act 60.
    • New eligible activities under Act 60 include: blockchain, recorded live events, and combined heat and power activities. (A full list of the new eligible activities will be made available in the near future on this page.)
    • Act 60’s benefits are divided into “chapters,” each one addressing specific sectors: Individuals, Export (Services and Goods), Financial and Insurance Services, Visitor Economy, Manufacturing (including R&D), Infrastructure, Farming, Creative Industries, Entrepreneurship, Air and Sea Transport, and others.
    • Tax exemption decrees now have a standardized 15-year term; and are subject to renegotiation for an additional fifteen years.
    • Additional benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses were established for the Puerto Rican islands of Vieques and Culebra.


    Some of Act 60’s highlights:

    • 4% flat income tax rate
    • 0% Distribution of Dividends Rate
    • 75% Property Tax Exemption
    • 75% Exemption on Construction Taxes
    • 50% Exemption on other Municipal Taxes
    • 50% Municipal Patent Exemption*

    *percentage can be lower if negotiated with the municipality


    Other industry-specific incentives are now part of Act 60. The incentives are referred to as "Chapters." See below for the former "Tax Incentive Laws" descriptors and the new "Chapter Tax Incentives Code" names under Act 60.

    Tax Incentive Laws and Chapter Tax Incentives Code

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