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Supply Lines. Improved Quality. Re-shoring.

Puerto Rico is the ideal location to help establish more secure supply lines, improve the quality of the materials being consumed, and re-shore companies that contribute to local economic growth and skilled job development.With extensive knowledge and experience in life sciences, Puerto Rico can serve as the bedrock for growth that your organization seeks to achieve. This is supported by the Island’s laser focus on –

  • Offering quality assurance and regulatory compliance standards above par
  • Maintaining international connections that facilitate growth
  • Moving towards full automation and higher technology implementation
  • Providing a business landscape with low overhead and great incentives

For companies looking to re-shore their operations and manufacturing to a location with a demonstrated resiliency, they should look no further than Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is specialized in 4 of the 5 bioscience industries (drugs and pharmaceuticals, medical device and equipment, research, testing, and medical labs, and distribution)
In 2018, Puerto Rico led the nation in life sciences exports with $13.2 billion, more than double the next mainland states
72.8% of Puerto Rican exports (150,000+ goods) were life sciences products, reaching 85 countries
In 2019, 9 out of Puerto Rico’s top ten commodity exports to the rest of the world were pharmaceutical or medical device products.
Puerto Rico has competitive location quotients compared to the United States, 8.6 in pharmaceuticals and 5.9 in medical devices.
8 out of the 15 top selling biopharmaceutical products are made in Puerto Rico
12 of the world’s 20 top grossing pharmaceutical companies have operations in Puerto Rico
5 of the world’s 10 top selling drugs in 2018 were manufactured in Puerto Rico
6 of the world’s top grossing medical device companies have operations in Puerto Rico
15 of the 20 class 3 medical device manufacturers are in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s BioSciences sub-sectors include biopharmaceutical, medical devices, R&D, agricultural biotechnology, distribution & logistics, quality & compliance, services/management, construction/design/architecture, education, and clusters along with industry associations. Consider us your guide to establishing or expanding your business on the Island. We want to work with you. Click here to see what you can expect from Invest Puerto Rico and how we can collaborate. Afterward, contact us and let one of our business specialists show you all that our BioSciences sector offers.

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