It’s not what’s next,
it’s where.

Puerto Rico means business. The island’s supportive ecosystem empowers entrepreneurs’ forward-looking vision with a spectrum of assets, including smart tax incentives, a highly skilled bilingual workforce, U.S. legal & financial frameworks, and an advanced network infrastructure.

Why Puerto Rico?

You live to innovate and make your business grow. We provide the perfect launchpad for your vision. Puerto Rico educates and develops unmatched talent in an environment of dynamic innovation.

Business Climate ❯

The island’s 60+ years of excellence in bioscience is just the beginning.  A wealth of opportunities lies in diversified sectors, from technology, financial & professional services to entrepreneurship. As a U.S. jurisdiction, the ground rules for doing business in Puerto Rico allow for the same level of operational security, stability, and protections, so you can invest with confidence.

Talent & Education ❯

The island’s talent pool is fueled by the work of more than 80 world-class local universities that, combined, graduate 50% of their students in the STEM fields. This results in a workforce made up of top-notch and bilingual technical, engineering, and bioscience professionals.

Tax Benefits & Policy ❯

The Puerto Rico Incentives Code (Act 60) accelerates economic growth by fostering investment, innovation, export, and job creation.  It provides competitive tax benefits to help your business endeavors thrive and grow.

Infrastructure & Logistics ❯

An increasing number of businesses from around the world are coming to Puerto Rico to tap into the island’s infrastructure & logistics support, which is being strengthened in an on-going manner thanks to billions in federal investments. Investors are also attracted by the island’s easy access to important business hubs throughout the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship ❯

A combination of start-up incubators, incentives, shared workspaces, and a tropical lifestyle has created a global hub for entrepreneurs. The island features abundant resources and compelling incentives.

Recovery & Resilience

During this era of resilience, Puerto Ricans are accustomed to weather disruptions and know how to prepare and recover from them.

Organizational Support ❯

A variety of industry associations support companies and entrepreneurs, and a robust network of government offices, community groups, and universities are available to assist.

Lifestyle ❯

Experience Puerto Rico’s rich culture with access to beaches, mountains, rainforests, live music, dancing, street festivals, delicious food, and so much more!

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