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Real Estate in Puerto Rico for business development

May 10, 2018

Puerto Rico is promoting 39 vacant buildings and 16 lots around the island. These properties are viable options to begin or grow existing businesses and companies that may make use of these spaces, while at the same time creating jobs around the island.

Given the nature and conditions of such properties, part of the real estate promotion includes an incentive on the rent and leasing fees. “This represents a great advantage for entrepreneurs who want to start a business or expand operations, because they get a more competitive fee when signing their contract. We urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity to do good business and grow with Puerto Rico, “said Manuel Laboy Rivera, Economic Development Secretary.

PRIDCO’s inventory, the largest real estate company in Puerto Rico, has 1,526 profitable units in more than 220 industrial parks covering 23 million square feet.
Click HERE to access the catalog of properties currently in promotion.


*This is not the complete real estate inventory. For the complete inventory access the Site Selection Map.